Picture Frame Wizard 1.0

Picture Frame Wizard 1.0: Picture Frame Wizard - from cam to Frame with a creative twist Frame Wizard - from cam to frame with a twist. Store 10-100 times more pictures on your digital picture frame. Lighten up those boring pictures and make a fun frame. Picture Frame Wizard is the perfect companion for your digital picture frame. PictureFrame Wizard is freeware and has some exciting features like labeling the picture date and some text on each picture, enhance a photograph and make a picture special. Features of Picture Frame Wizard

Photo Framer 3.35: Add stylish frames to digital photos, desktop wallpapers or website images!
Photo Framer 3.35

framed and signed, and all of them impress the viewer. Sure the frame won`t make a bad picture look good, but a good matching frame can really enhance your pictures and add to the artistic impression. If you want to quickly frame a bunch of pictures, a dedicated framing product is what you need. Photo Framer offers a selection of 100 frames included with the product, and offers 200 more frames to download after you purchase a copy. Framing many pictures

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Easy Frame Creator 2.1: Easy Frame Creator is intended for easy creation of image frames and collages.
Easy Frame Creator 2.1

Easy Frame Creator is intended for quick and easy creation of image frames, unique collages and abstract pictures on basis of prepared templates. You can create outside rectangular frames and inside frames of the different forms and styles, fill image area around inside frame by color or texture with transparency values, add your own templates, applies effects and corrects the image and texture, apply several frames simultaneously and more...

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Frame from AVI 3.1.1: You can find look make effects frames from AVI files and save in any of formats.
Frame from AVI 3.1.1

Using the program you can: find and look frame, find and look some frames, create the Set from the selected frames, add to Set new frames. Use original size or use custom size. Make effects for frames. Save the frame or all frames in any formats: JPG, TIF, PCX,PNG,BMP, GIF, TGA, PXM, PPM, PGM, PBM, JP2, J2K.

tools, play, graphic, frames, frame, movie, extract, film, download, bvrsoft

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MAGIC Frames & Lines 1.0.5

Frame-designing, Line-frame, Shade-frame, Ornament-frame, Special-frame, Elemente-frame, Shareware,

ornament frame, shareware, elemente frame, special frame, frame designing, shade frame, line frame

Photo Frame Show 1.0.16: Add frames to your images, insert text, clipart, graphics, create e-Cards & more
Photo Frame Show 1.0.16

Easily add stylish frames to digital photos and enhance your photo albums, desktop, projects, websites! Through Photo Frame Show`s friendly interface you can instantly select and add frames to your images, insert text, clipart, graphics, create impressive e-Cards & more. Impress your loved ones using stylish frames from multiple categories: Classical, Shapes, Emotions, Occasions, Seasons, Sports, Locations, Music, Family and much more!

photography, wallpaper, photo frame, photo, frame photos, desktop, framing, frame, frame pictures, image, digital, desktop enhancement, digital photo frame

DeskPhotoFrame 1.2.3: Puts picture with frame on your desktop.
DeskPhotoFrame 1.2.3

Puts picture with frame on your desktop. Frame can be semi-transparent or mouse insensitive. You can put virtually unlimited number of frames. Frame you put will determine the shape of the window where the picture is put.The program can be adjusted to start itself every time you log in. Easy for back up. Script files for advanced users. Frames setting can be easily exchanged with other user. All settings and frames are written in text files.

photo, holder, desktop, frame, image, enhancer, hold, picture

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